The Crown of Leaves

The Crown of Leaves

A visual, non-linear fantasy novel about mysticism, riddles, constellations, anthro beings, beasts, and ghosts.

The Crown of Leaves

The demo 0.7.4 is available on Steam! 

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About the game

Roui, a resilient city dandy, a decipherer, a half-educated jeweler and the author of scientific magic articles, met with a Big Failure, AND has to return to his gypsy homeland, Latori. Ciphers aren't a thing here, and local shoddy mystical beliefs are really irritating and dejecting to Roui. He dreams to come back to his old life... But how can it be possible if you have no money? In search of quick earnings, Roui's picking up his old jewelry tools once more and finds the customer himself. The customer encharges Roui with a task to make a bracelet from a special wood for his bride inside of a month. But, as soon as Roui get to work, strange and unpleasant things start to appear all of sudden. Which, due to the superstition of the local people, became much more horrific and absurd than they actually are.

Roui isn't meant to finish the work on the bracelet... because it was stolen! And the unexpected helper says that the bracelet was taken by the legendary Latorian spirit - the Mad Rook. Is the Rook real or this is just her sick imagination? Roui has no time to figure out the details - he has to believe the helper and start looking for the bracelet as soon as possible, incidentally deciphering the mysterious cryptograms he'll be facing on his way.

Will Roui succeed and get the bracelet back, and what's waiting for him at the end of his long and full of mystical riddles journey?

Where is it set? The setting is a fictional world called Shang-La, a world of mixed cultures and eras, and a home of various strange creatures. This is a place of old magic and new ideas, where science works together with mysticism. You can find glasses and phones, electricity and radio here, but no guns or television. The inhabitants of this world still fight with swords. The continent they live in is surrounded by the boundless ocean, the Sun and the Moon take turns alternating in the sky, and the stars are made of metal and hiding so much unresolved secrets in them.

Sahash are the second intelligent race in Shang-La, alongside humans. They are divided into five nations, differing from each other by their physicality and the shape of their horns and muzzles. Every nation has its own unique traditions and culture, ranging from habits, religion, law, and even tastes in fashion and food.

Despite the complicated relationships between these ethnic groups of sahash, as a whole they get along with humankind, and even try to emulate them in spite of their more animalistic nature.


Contest result

After a long [and hard] discussion, we finally decided that the winner of the contest is… Sareii! Congratulations to the winner! She got the 1st PLACE prize and we will draw a platform with Roui and her character~ And the […]


The contest!

THE JOURNAL IS HERE  The rules are simple: you need to draw Roui, post it on FA with proper tags, and on the 1st of August NataliedeCorsair and us will choose the winner. Feel free to choose any theme for […]

Key features

Playing our game, you will be able to:


Communicate with multiple characters, forge friendships, and make bitter enemies. Your words carry meaning and every piece of dialogue you speak will affect the story. Choose your words carefully. As the saying goes, "A word once spoken is past recalling"

Collect items

Collect strange items and use them to get yourself out of tight situations. Those items could be given as gifts for the characters you like, or used in magical stuff!

Explore Shang-La

Explore the world of Shang-La and meet unusual creatures, animals, spirits, and ghosts. 
Choose who you wish to become - the hero or the villain. But be prepared for the consequences, as neither choice comes without them.

Solve puzzles

Solve various ciphers and puzzles of different complexity along with the main character to develop the plot or to unlock hidden locations.

In our game you will find:

Visual novel + point-and-click

The simplicity of a visual novel is combined with the searching and crafting of objects.  

Animated sprites

We tried to breathe life into characters using some simple animated elements.

Richly-crafted world

Our Shang-La world has been developing for many years, and we can't wait to introduce it to you.

Atmospheric OST

You'll immediately love this wondefull and rich sounding music.