The Crown of Leaves on Steam!


The Crown of Leaves on Steam!

The Crown of Leaves Demo page ►►

Valve company has finally approved the store page and the demo version of our game, which you can download directly on Steam now! Our beta testers on Patreon have already checked the Crown for bugs and already sized the possibilities of new improvements and functions.

On Patreon, we have already spoke about our new coder, who helped us to implement and refine some of the features in the game. But please allow us to introduce him again — Danil Zainullin aka mold.FF.

Important note! When you start the game, first of all, check the control settings. You can find them in the Miscellaneous menu.

Note: pay close attention to details while playing the demo! Although demo is short, it hides a couple of surprises in. Mindscape will hint on them: all the articles should be available when you finish, but, if not … then you have missed something.

Play and re-play our demo, write reviews, make a video – we would be really happy if you do!

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