The Crown of Leaves DEMO 0.7.0 released on Patreon!


The Crown of Leaves DEMO 0.7.0 released on Patreon!

We released of the long-awaited demo 0.7.0. on Patreon for our patrons only.

RUzura Interactive left the team, but now we have a new and experienced lead programmer, mold. FF. He reworked the code, added new modules and improved the game in general. Also, as promised, we completely changed the puzzle screen, parallax and inventory. All of these changes were done by DragoonHP.


We publish this demo for ALL our patrons, including the first level.

Why? We want to receive a detailed, accurate, active feedback from all of you. We want to ‘kill’ all possible bugs, including translation errors. You can share this demo with your friends, if you want to — ask them to conduct a beta test! But please DO NOT PUBLISH it on other resources. We understand that “this will be an excellent advertisement for Lingrimms Patreon and the Crown of Leaves,” but for now you do not need to do this, otherwise it will be more hindrance than help. The purpose of this test is not an advertising, but debugging and polishing the current version of the game. Moreover, the public version will be available soon after the test — as soon as all possible errors are eliminated.


  • New translation system. You may think that this is not so important, but technically it is much simpler than the standard Ren’Py system. This will help our translators and localizers to easily add new languages to the game!
  • Technically the new inventory and Mindscape;
  • Crafting system. Now you can combine items by switching to the Item Creation screen. There are only two recipes in the demo. But there are much, much more items to collect!
  • Redraw some background details, added background animation.
  • Added the ability to view the bulletin board;
  • Added and updated some of the dialogues;
  • The system of relations with Serban and Vander has been slightly improved. Serban may not want to talk to you now, and Vander will not just be so offended by you.
  • Don’t forget about the additional dialogues. If you are friends with the character, you can learn something new about them. Do not forget to look at Mindscape too!
  • Some characters can leave locations that will give you the opportunity to look around more closely.
  • New puzzle screen and the puzzle itself! We made it easier and more “in-setting”.
  • New music in the first scene with Vander!

Things we want to change in the public release of the demo:

  • Some of the menu sounds
  • Improve the mechanics of the transition between different locations

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