The Team

The Team


Olga Lashmanova

My work includes drawing and animating character's sprites, writing dialogs. I also work with code a bit – I design GUI and set up scenes. Grimm is my partner in working on the setting of Shang-La, we come up with characters and stories together. 
Artist is my profession, designer – is my education. I like to draw both anthro-creatures and people as well. 

Favorite games: Borderlands, Don't Starve!, Phoenix Wright, Dragon Age, Deponia

The Team


Alexandra Kurbatova

For "The Crown of Leaves" project I usually draw backgrounds and its animation. I come up with characters and concepts, and also write the script and dialogues. Although I graduated from architectural institute, I prefer to draw comics and illustrations rather than blueprints. I really love the genre of fantasy and I hope my work will bring something new into it. 

Favorite games: Borderlands, Don't Starve!, Broken Age, Gothic, NwN

The Team

Natalie De Corsair

Natalie Pchelintseva

My role in the team involves thinking through and making up storylines, character's development and translation from Russian into English. I also could rarely draw sketches. 
I'm a self-taught artist and a longtime friend of Lingrimm. I don't have my own finished projects yet, and I'm happy to take part in the "Crown" and help in every way I can. 

Favorite games: Borderlands, Unravel, Limbo, Inside, Undertale

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The Team


The Team