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 The Crown of Leaves


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About us and our project

It's more than a year has passed since the moment our team started working on the fantasy game "The Crown of Leaves". The original concept of the game and the main character as well both changed beyond recognition, but our goal remained the same - to tell about our setting Shang-La, which, in comparison with the game, is quite old already. And we believe Shang-La will suit taste of many fantasy lovers.

Our team started with a creative duet called Lingrimm, which was naturally created in 2008. Lingrimm made up Shang-La world somewhere in 2010-2011, and it's still developing these days. At the dawn of work on the project "The Crown of Leaves" (February 2016), the team was joined by an old friend of Lingrimm, artist named Natalie de Corsair - she quickly became a full member of the team and an active generator of ideas. This is how The Broken Horn Team was born.

We love fantasy and we love games - especially those where the world and characters are thought out, making us to love them at the first sight. Every creator dreams that his precious child will be fully living – so do we... and you can help us to make this dream come true. Your interest, your attention and our enthusiasm - that's what keeps us afloat and helps us to develop.

"The Crown of leaves" has been Greenlit. This was our first attempt to limelight our project, and we, as newcomers, were simply amazed by the statistics. Many thanks to all who support us - both morally and financially.

- The Broken Horn team

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